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Wordpress makes everything very easy with so many plugins available, and its plugin to show the "Related Post" is so many that you can choose from different authors.

But no worry, users also have many plugins available to show the "Related Post" posts. Developers knew the demand for this type of feature so they created a version for blogspot users, and just like wordpress's, it's totally free!

Introducing the "Related Posts Widget for Blogger with Thumbnails" plugin. Though I'm still a little confused about whether's terminology between widgets vs plugins, but since I had used wordpress before, I'll use them both interhangeably.

Anyways, what I like about this plugin is that it has a thumbnail just above each post's title.

You can see this plugin in live action below this post, but I'll post an image preview from my previews post entitled misspelling, Here's the image preview:

The default label for this plugin is "Related Post", so it is really important to edit this on your taste. As you can see, I have changed mine to "Visitors Of This Post Also Reads:" text, you can copy mine or you can composed this as you like. To edit this, just look for the code var relatedpoststitle="Related Posts";.

Another thing is that the default related post thumbnail is just five items. You can edit this according to the width of your main body. As instructed again, look for this code: var maxresults=5; . I changed mine to seven items, I advice for you to add as many as possible.

There you have it, here's a full instruction on how can you do this. Happy credit for Aneesh for this tweak.


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