POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies

POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies List - Philippines

How to verify recruitment agencies if it's POEA accredited

Work abroad with valid recruitment agencies

POEA accredited recruitment agencies
Working abroad is a very critical process for everyone. So making sure that these recruitment agencies are accredited by POEA is a must, especially nowadays where bogus agencies are trying to lure victims.

You can verify if an agency you are trying to apply with is a POEA accredited business at http://www.poea.gov.ph/cgi-bin/agSearch.asp. Just type in the agenciy's name and press enter.

If an agency is accredited by POEA, a result will be displayed.

Agency's business name along with its address, contact numbers, contact email, website, official representative (contact person), POEA standing (e.g. Good standing) and license expiration should be displayed.

This is the only reliable way of finding an accredited agency, it came from POEA themselves and the list is always updated.


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