Nokia N70 Review

Nokia N70 Review - Price And Specifications

nokia n70 review specifications price

As of this writing, nokia N70 has been obsolete, meaning that nokia doesn't produce this model. So what am I bothering reviewing such an obsolete model?

First, I'm sure that you came to this post because you are looking for:
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So if you are looking for nokia N70 review today, you must have been planning to buy a second hand nokia N70 phone. If so, then reading reviews about this product is much more important than the time when nokia first produce this model.

So, here's my review of my nokia N70 phone.

First, I won't bothering mentioning its sizes, screen resolutions and any technical matters. Rather, I want this review be base on my personal experience using this product.

I bought my nokia N70 for the price of 9,000 Philippines pesos, that's around USD 190. That's for a brand new, secon hand price should be way lot lower than this.

When I'm planning to buy it, I read reviews and I saw on some forums that a user complains on how slow it boot when starting. Just in case your came across that same thread, let me tell you, it's not true. Of course, just like other phones, you need to wait when starting, not a big deal.

I'm a man and I don't bring shoulder bag so it's a little bulky on the pocket.

It's a little heavy, women shouldn't use this phone.

As far as I know, this come with two colors, silver and black. I'm choose black.

Some hate this, but I find it very stylish and practical. Nice to have something that will cover your camera lens.

Don't expect firmware upgrades since it's been years that a new firmware version came up. They don't support it anymore I think. Hey, it's obsolete remember?

Games and Applications are available on the net for free. Feel free to download these games and apps for your phone.

The main notable difference is that you can use a bluetooth headset on the music edition, the regular one needs to have a cable hanging from the phone to your ears.

To summarize it all, my score is 8/10. If you think it's working nice, buy it!


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