How To Delete Remove Friends On Facebook

Delete / Remove Accidentally Approved Friends On Facebook

Change minds? found your friends' updates annoying / spamming? Delete or remove them on your list.

how to delete or remove friends on facebook
Same thing happened to me.

Someone invited me and I confirmed her friend request, only later I realized that her updates on my homepage feels like a spam, in short I doesn't care monitoring her status.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I found that people are also experiencing the same problem. Here are some of their questions:

1.) How to remove friends on facebook
2.) How to delete friends on facebook
3.) Delete friend on facebook account
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5.) Facebook remove friends, will he know?

First thing first, facebook offers many security features. One of these is that a user can't see who viewed him. So deleting a friend that you manually approved yourself is very possible, and here's how.

1.) Click your friend you want to delete / remove.
2.) Scroll down until you see the 'Remove From Friends' link on the bottom left. (it's right above the 'Share' button)
3.) Click it and confirm, then you're done.

You wouldn't see his updates anymore on you're homepage. Also, this step is confidential, meaning that he wouldn't gonna know that you deleted him as your friend, no notification to him or whatever.

FYI: Both 'Ignore' and 'Remove From Friends' link are done quietly.

Update: I found this professional looking video on how to remove friends on facebook done by howcast.