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Googel is a miss spelling of the popular search engine Looking at the whois information about googel, it’s so obvious that is registered by because it redirects you to the official google website, just like the keyword and,,, (no typo there), etc.

What’s In Store For Us?

As a blogger, targeting this googel keyword can give you huge traffic volume if you manage to get to the top search engine result page and beat the other 627,000 sites, as of today (May 10, 2010).
Just in case you can get on top of the game, these snapshots will give you a preview on what you can get.

googel googlr

Google Trends further shows the potentianl of this keword in SEO eyes.
Googel Earth keyword also have an almost the same numbers of searchers, but the three major search engines, namely: google, yahoo anf bing shows only the results for "googel earth" keyword, and surfers still need click the "Show Only Googel Earth Search Result" link for your post to have a chance in getting to the search engine result page (SERP). Not to mention your post's ranking.

Google: Showing results for google earth. Search instead for googel earth
Yahoo: We have included google earth results - Show only googel earth
Bing: We're including results for google earth. Do you want results only for googel earth?

So getting traffic from this keywords doesn't really looks like will become effective.

Anyway, getting back, many bloggers had already targeted these googel keywords to gain traffic and I don't see anything wrong with this. The goal is actually not just to hijack keyword for traffic, but to inform surfers that they had used the wrong keyword, and we are telling them the correct keyword to use.

So if you happened to come to this post using this misspelled keywords, it's actually and not anything else. Watch out because there's a lot of spam sites that could send you a virus.

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