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I was emailed by someone asking if I have a cracked serial numbers for windows xp professional. Being IT myself, maybe he thought that I have on myself. But the thing is, he's an IT too, that made me realize that he should've have search the net too aside from asking me.

Though I saw someone who had succesfully cracked windows using -BLIIIIIP- (removed), he had activated and made updates, same goes with the microsoft office. But I wouldn't teach how to do this on any version of windows operating systems or any windows's product, simply because it's illegal.

Yeah, I know that you know that it is illegal to crack any software, don't you? But you still want to do it inspite of the risk right? Then finish reasing this article.

So, going back, it made me wonder on how many individuals are searching the net to look for these kind of things. So I went to google's interface on how many people are searching these keywords. And I discovered that there are also related search terms for these searches, some of notable are:

1.) Windows Serial Numbers
2.) Change XP Serial
3.) Key Serial XP
4.) Windows XP SP2 Product Key
5.) Windows XP Free Product Key
6.) XP Serial Changer

Here's the screenshot of these search terms with the actual searches made on all countries, dated today, June 30, 2010.

windows xp free serial key crack

Please take note that I just selected the most notable related search terms that searchers are using in pursuit to have a free serial for windows operating systems. And it totalled to 110,500 searches, and this figure are recorded on google search engine alone. Yahoo's, bing's, ask's (and etc.) total searches are not yet included.

So, why did I made this post if I wouldn't gonna give you a free serial key for windows xp and windows home?

Here is my purpose: I just want to warn everyone that searching things like these on the internet mostly do harm than good. Unless you are a certified googlers who can differentiate harmful sites and downloadable links from useful ones, then you shouldn't try downloading anything from results page from searches like these. Viruses usually came from websites and downloadable items associated with these keyword terms.

Here's a video example that tries to lure non technical surfers. Be warn with this tutorials because they only intend to put malwares, spywares, worms and all kinds of viruses on your computer.


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