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Expo-Max review

expo-max review
This thing just blew me away! I've been using Google Analytics for quite some time now, but the updating wasn't that realistic. On Google Analytics, when someone visited you, it will reflect on the next day. Meaning what you are seeing right now is your traffic yesterday.

Also, on google analytics, when I tried a search term, it's not reliable that it will show that someone landed on that page using that search term.

So, I got tired using google anlytics and started looking for other alternatives.

Luckily, I found Now I can see my live traffic figure in real time. Real time, meaning that If I visited my blog's page, and if I'll refresh my dashboard account on expo-max, it will show that someone visited on that page right away. You can create a new slash no-traffic blog on to confirm this.

Real time updating and most of all, it's absolutely free!
There's an optional paid upgrade for a more professional interface, but it's totaly optional.

Click here to visit website.

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