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When surfers misspell facebook to facbook

I have noticed that facbook keyword has been targeted by so many bloggers nowadays. As had been a common knowledge about SEO, misspelled words arethe most optimized keyword. And since almost all (if not all) internet users uses facebook, chance is, they will type facbook instead of facebook.

Facebook is so popular that according to the statistics of compete.com, facebook receives about 132 million unique (and that’s unique) visitors per month, and that’s from United States alone. See their official statistc here. Also, internet users stay on facebook longer than any other existing websites on the net. That’s the main reason why I decided to join this SEO campaign.

Here’s Google’s google trend and search statistics for the facbook keyword.

facbook faceboook

Imagining that facebook’s traffic, getting at least a little chunk of that visitor’s figure is so promising. And I personally believe that posts like this who targets facbook keyword isn’t doing anything bad at all. Sure we are riding with the real facebook website. But all we want to say is that facbook keyword is a misspelling of facebook.

Commercial Break: Here's a youtube video to show that even on youtube, facebook was misspellt to facbook.

So if you happen to come to this post because of using facbook, it is really facebook and not facbook. You had misspelled it, that’s all what this post is all about.

And since I am playing around with this keyword, let me go further on how users misspell facebook to facbook.

Why are you here right now? Here are the possibilities:

1.) They type facbook because they honestly didn’t know facebook that much. It is their first time in facebook. They heard about it and just decided to create their own account. Being non familiar, they type facbook, and boom, they’re here.

2.) Too smart people type too fast, so they missed up the letter “e” between letter “c” and letter “b”, and so this post came up.

3.) They have a broken key on the keyboard. Their letter “E” key just got used up too much, and just doesn’t respond, thanks for that keyboard you’re here.

4.) Because they are using computer running in windows. Sure windows 7 got praises even from critics, but one thing smart Bill can’t unbug is that when the user type in the “E” key on the keyboard, windows mostly doesn’t respond. Well, Bill sent you here, not me.

5.) My competitors for this keyword are not doing it right. They created a post for the keyword, wrote some few words, and just hit publish. They expect traffic for their half done article, expecting too much. Well, blame me this time.

6.) You thought this was it. You type facbook, and click on my competitors’ post, they’re on my top because they targeted this keyword long time before me. You we’re disappointed with their site, so you keep looking and searching, so you came here. Well, just hoping you’re not disappointed. I told you it’s facebook and not facbook earlier right? No one’s to blame.

7.) You are here because you are a regular person. Don’t worry, people make mistakes, that’s all.

Well, if google’s algorithm includes length of post, mine should have some weight on it.

Joining the facbook campaign, here I come.

And publish!


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