Create 'Donate' Button On Paypal - How To

Learn How To Create "Donate" Button On Paypal

Tutorial in creating 'Donate' button for your website and blog.

Here's how to create a 'Donate' button on paypal:
Step 1.) Login to your paypal account
Step 2.) On the 'Merchant Services' tab, click on the 'Buy Now Buttons' link, as shown in the image below.
how to create donate button on paypal

Step 3.) On the next window, select the kind of buttons you want to use, enter additional details for your 'Donate' button. Click the 'Save Changes' button when done.

create donate button on paypal tutorial free

Step 4.) On the next window, click on Select Code button to copy your 'Donate' html code
Step 5.) Paste your donate code on your website or blog
Step 6.) Done!

Here's a sample 'Donate' button generated from paypal, if you benefited from this post, please consider giving donation. Since it's a donation, amount cannot be greater than 1 USD, thank you very much in advance.


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