Chooks To Go Review

Chooks To Go Review And Testimonial

How it taste like without a sauce

I knew I had blog about 'Chooks To Go - Franchise Philippines', but this post will be more focus on the chicken and not on how to franchise the business.

Chooks To Go
here on our city is priced at 169 pesos for whole chicken and 88 pesos for half which they call quarter wings.

First, I want to talk about the size. Contrary to the currently leading roasted chicken which is a lot more expensive. Chooks To Go's roasted chicken's low price literary talks about its chicken size, because it's obviously smaller than Andok's Litson Manok.

My office mate who had it first told me that you can really eat the whole chicken yourself. First he's fat, second is maybe because it's really that delicious. Only later after buying it I realized the third reason on how he did said that he can eat the whole chicken by himself, and that is because the chicken is small.

Taste: "Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce" the popular line of Chooks To Go is really true. They wouldn't gonna give you sauce because you don't need it (you can ask for their prepared vinegar though). The chicken is really very tasty indeed.

Store Appearance: Chooks To Go store here on our city is a little undress. The store doesn't have the regular price board like Andok's, Jollibbee, McDonalds and other fast food outlets. The store is nothing but a plain green wall all throughout except with their lighted signboard. The outlet is a little dead, but I haven't seen the stores on other branches, that's for our only one store here on our city that is.

To summarize everything, Bounty Fresh did their chicken right. A very unique approach for an old roasted chicken business. Catchy line, good publicity and most of all, they live their talk, delicious indeed, 9 out of 10 !

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  1. First of all, Chooks to go chicken is categorized by weight. It may visually look smaller but they are ensuring that the weight is in proportion to what is being sold. Plus, they make sure that their customers get the best value of what they bought. If you notice it may seem to be small in size however, it can exactly bring you full and satisfied. True, they brag that they don't need sauce because the chicken is tastier than its competitor given the fact that this is even healthier.

  2. yes, what I have said is that it is small, which is absolutely true, and thank you for pointing the weight. i can feel that you just want to be fair.