Blog's Update

Blog Traffic | Adsense & Infolinks Earnings

First, this will be a very short post since I just want to share that I'm very happy with my blog, this blog.

I already have this blog for more than two years but my traffic is too far from being impressive. I'm also with adsense and infolinks ads, but never had any significant amount so far for the past two years.

But today is different, let me first show my traffic statistic:
web traffic
Even if I blurred the figures, you can still see that the numbers are not that much. But if you'll look at the graph, it shows that I am doing something right.

Also, here's my adsense earning for today:
adsense earnings
Not much in compare to the regular blogger, but to tell you honestly, this is so far the biggest earning per day that I've received.

Furthermore, not much weight, but here's my alltime infolinks earnings so far:

infolinks earnings

Again, no figures here are impressive, but as I have said earlier, I must have been doing something right for my stats to climb up like this.

As far as my blogging habit is concern, I'm good, and I'm planning to catch up with my fellow bloggers whom I personally knew.

Blogsphere, here I come!


  1. Hi, it's Sarah from Infolinks. Congrats on the earnings increase. I'm sure with your continued hard work it will only grow. As far as Infolinks goes, if you're looking for some optimization tips please visit our blog or contact and they'll gladly assist.

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for your message. Glad you came in here.
    Yeah, looks like infolinks has its potential for my blog.
    I'll surely make a positive review on the future for infolinks.
    thank you again.