SmartBro With Canopy Connection Problem

How To Reset / Refresh Your Connection With SmartBro Canopy


SmartBro with canopy limited or no connectivity problem / issue

I'm using smartbro canopy on our house since a lined internet connection doesn't still reached our place, actually we're two street away from the last terminal box of a wired isp(can you believe that?).

So, as a last resort, I'm using the smartbro with canopy service. Though I admit that I'm somewhat satisfied with it's performance, but your internet connection using smartbro with canopy can sometimes drop especially on peak hours.

Here's a solution on how to properly refresh or reset your internect connection with smartbro:

Step1.) Unplug your smartbro power adaptor (at least 10 seconds).
Step2.) With your computer: Start > Run > type: ncpa.cpl > Right Click and disable your Local Area Connection.
Step3.) Plug back your smartbro power adaptor.
Step4.) Enable back your Local Area Connection by double clicking the icon or right click > Enable.

You made two major resetting steps. One is you properly disconnected the power to the canopy since it is using a POL or power on lan, meaning that a 29.5 volts over the ethernet cable (that's the cable going to your canopy). And second, you had reset the session of your lan network to your computer, by disabling / enabling your local area connection.

Your connection will surely be fix doing this steps, however, in any case that you still can't reestablish your internet connection, then the problem could be on your internet service provider and not on your end. You can try your connection again after some minutes. Worst come to worst, you can contact *1888 using your smart sim since they don't allow direct communication to your local smartbro service maintenance team.


  1. What's highest speed ur getting for canopy connection and whats its monthly charge... m planning to go for canopy.. you suggestion would be appreciated...

  2. I'm having a plugin on my firefox that's why I can see my speed in real time. and im having a 60kpbs average. but don't count on it because it is greatly location dependent. it should not be the same on your location. im am paying 999 per month.

  3. for an "up to 2mb" offer, youll get more or less 512kbps on speedtest and more or less 50kbps for downloading.