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I had joined the SEO contest initiated by marhgil about this pinay scandal keyword.

Marhgil had initiated the campaign about this “pinay scandal” keyword. Though I had observed that Selboy had been ranking on the “pinay scandal” keyword and related search terms. It seems that Selboy had created numerous landing pages on most pinay scandal related search terms and then interconnected this pages within, smart move.

Todate, I can’t see any white hat bloggers or non-pron sites who had passed Selboy on ranking on pinay scandal related search terms. He mentioned that Marhgil really initiated the campaign, but it’s so obvious that he had over passed all bloggers who had joined the campaign.

The Promise of the “Pinay Scandal” Keyword

I had just joined the campaign, but even I’m just a total newbie, I had noticed that some search engine users had come to my blog using “pinay scandal” related search terms. Being new to the game, I asked myself how do googlers came to my page. Did I ranked that high this soon? So I tried the search terms they used on the search engines they also used, and I found that my newly created page dedicated for the campaign is on the eight page of google.

The mystery added, are these searchers really this desperate that they went as far as the eight result page just to look for the pinay scandal related searches? If I’m on the eight pages and I’m having significant (enough to be notice) traffic, then how much more this bloggers who are topping the campaign.

So I thought, this campaign really has a potential.

But I’m Afraid !

I don’t want google people to notice that my blog is having its big traffic chunk from “pinay scandal” related search terms. So I must strive harder to get huge traffic percentage on other keyword.

I’m still on m early blogging age, lots of things need to do, lots to read, lots to write, lots to learn.

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