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MyPhone and Cherry Mobile Brands (no nokia, samsung and ericson brands)

Fortunately, unlike other countries, Philippines currently has only three network providers for mobile phones. Smart, globe and sun networks are competing the mobile market throughout the country.

On most cases, or on my case specifically, I need to carry sun cellular network because of its very affordable unlimited plans. However, I need to choose between globe and smart for my other network. Reason? I don't know either, sun signal is good even on our province, so keeping my smart number doesn't really make sense. All I know is that I'm still not ready giving up my 0919242424? smart number.

Maybe I just can't give up the nice smart number combination. Whatever, if you're like me who needs to keep two network sim without having two literal cellphones on your pocket, then a dual active sim mobile phone is what your looking for.

There's a lot of china phones that offers dual sim cheap mobile phones but let's just talk about the popular and reliable products available.

Introducing MyPhone and Cherry Mobile.


MyPhone B71 duo
Features: VGA camera, DUAL sim, Triband, FMradio, bluetooth
Price: Php. 2,790.00

MyPhone B23
Features: Free Burger speakers, Dual Sim, Am/Fm radio 1.3 megapixel camera, triband bluetooth, mp3/mp4
Price: Php. 2,990.00

MyPhone T13 Touch duo
Features: Free Burger speakers, Dual S, 1.3MP camera,Touch Screen, FMradio, bluetooth, card slot
Price: Php. 2,990.00

MyPhone Q20
Features: Dual Sim, VGAcamera, FMradio, bluetooth, card slot
Price: Php. 2,990.00

MyPhone TV81
Features: VGA camera,TV, triband, Dual Sim, mp3 player, fm radio, bluetooth
Price: Php. 3,400.00

MyPhone QT22
Features: 1.3MP camera, DUAL sim, FM radio, bluetooth, card slot, MP3/MP4 player
Price: Php. 3,890.00

MyPhone Qt23
Features: Dual SIM QWERTY Keypad,TRACKBALL, 2.0 MP Camera, 2.2“ QVGA 240x320 pixels, TFT, YAMAHA Amplifier, Pinoy Phone Features Ready, Shortcuts to Social Networking sites, Triband: 900 / 1800 / 1900, WAP 2.0, Bluetooth/ USB Connectivity, MP3/MP4 player/FM Radio, Audio/Video Recorder, Expandable up to 8GB, Java Capable, Connect Notice, Blacklist, Background Changer, Chat, MP3 Message Alert Tone, Radio Recording, Radio Recording Scheduler, E-Book Reader
Price: Php. 4,790.00

MyPhone TV22 duo
Features: 1.3MP camera, TV, DUAL sim, FM radio, bluetooth, card slot
Price: Php. 5,500.00

MyPhone Qs25
Features: Dual GSM dual standby, Qwerty keypad slidiing phone, GSM 900/ 1800/1900 ; EDGE, 2.4 TFT QVAG, 1.3M Camera, 256Mbits+64Mbits, MP3 Player /Video Player/ FM Radio / WAP / MMS 2.0 / BT /, FREE 2gb Memory Card, USB, 1020mAh Li-ion Battery, 26mm Stereo Speaker, JAVA, MSN , FACEBOOK, E buddy, Mini Opera, Edge, Push mail, Office viewer (Word, Excel, PPT)
Price: Php. 6,490.00

MyPhone Tv21
Features: 2mp camera, Dual Sim, 3" LCD Touch Screen, mp3 player,fm radio bluetooth
Price: Php. 7,300.00

Cherry Mobile

Cherry mobile, the newest player in the dual sim phone market on the Philippines had their newest phone sets.

Cherry S11 Blade
Features: Color TFT LCD display, Pitch changer,  MP3/MP4 payer,  FM Radio,  GPRS/MMS capable,  2GB microSD card,  Bluetooth 2.0
Price: Php. 2,690.00

Cherry D20 Life
Features: 1.8” 65K Color TFT LCD display,VGA Camera, MP3/MP4 player, FM Radio, Voice recorder, 2GB microSD card, Bluetooth 2.0, Dual Active SIM/Dual Standby
Price: Php. 2,990.00

Cherry D50 Inertia
Features: 1.3 MP camera,  MP3/MP4 player,  FM Radio,  built-in Motion Sensor,  Bluetooth 2.0,  2GB microSD card, GPRS
Price: Php.3,690.00


Cherry M35 Integra
Features: Free-to-Air TV phone,  TV Function,  2 MP camera,  2.2” QVGA TFT LCD display,  Dual Camera,  MP3/MP4 player,  FM Radio,  Motion Sensor,  2GB microSD card,  Bluetooth 2.0,  GPRS
Price: Php. 5,690.00


  1. qs25..that s the cellphone of mah bro!!!!


  3. i own a Q20 my phone. very practical. but for an old practical guy maybe somebody can increase the font size. very hard to read or create a text when commuting or driving(never do that!).aside from that i have no more qualms about my phone.
    can my phone phone's os be changed to a competitor's os?
    if you know someone or you know something,text me, 09109359637

  4. Please send me price for all above dual sim card phones in usd. I am in Mwanza Tanzania. Email: mallenew@yahoo.com

  5. Hahaha only 3 providers in Philippines, what a joke.! In USA there are many, many providers all struggling and battling for your business.These providers are competitive for your business and providing 7 day 24hr customer service at remarkably low rates. My recent, NO CONTRACT, plan through walmart provides unlimited data surfing, unlimited text on all networks, and UNLIMITED CALLS ON ALL NETWORKS, WITH ONE SIM! COST IS 2100 PHP PER MONTH. Coverage area is entire USA.