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How To Franchise Chooks To Go In The Philippines

Chooks To Go : Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce

chooks to go franchise Philippines
True indeed, Chooks To Go's roasted chickens lives with their claim 'Masarap kahit walang sauce', simply because it is really delicious (to the bone!) even without sauce, and in the first place, they won't give you a sauce :)

With Chooks To Go's sudden popularity, business men are looking for information on how to franchise chooks to go stall.

According to my (intense) research, chooks to go doesn't offer franchise as of now. And all stores are company branches. Maybe the company is still new and they're still preparing for some major business transitions.

What BOUNTY Agro Ventures Inc. or Bounty Fresh (chooks to go's owner) offers is that you can buy their marinated chicken. However, this is not advisable since they surely prioritize their stores stocks before you can get your supply, just in case the supply get's limited that is.

However, I saw some persons who answered on forums and blogs that gives contact number if you're interested on franchise.
Here are them:
1.) (02)7076604 / txt to 09295744615 (
2.) Tyson Agro Venture (Bounty Fresh) 02 366-0616 (source:
3.) Mrs Sylvia Chen Tel:0063 2 3633125 0063 2 3641589 Fax:0063 2 3645726 (source:

Disclaimer: I don't guarantee that these contact numbers are valid. Use them on your own risk.

Do you know where and how to franchise Chooks To Go? Please comment on below to help other searchers.

UPDATE: This seems to be a valid Chooks To Go website: 

Meanwhile, here's one of Chooks To Go's commercial:

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