Grand Lotto 6/55 November 25, 2010

Grand Lotto Result November 25, 2010

grand lotto 6/55 rsult november 25, 2010

Winning number combination of grand lotto result - November 25, 2010

The grand lotto result for November 25, 2010 will posted here tonight right after the actual draw on television.

Grand Lotto
Winning number combination:
Winners: --- Winners

The grand lotto 6/55 draw prize had reached for more than five hundred million pesos, that's more than half a billion pesos.

With that huge prize, there are definetely more Filipinos that will be placing their bets on all lottery stations nationwide, even if it means that they will fall on a very stiff line along with their fellow Filipinos who are also hoping to win the jackpot prize.

I am getting out of from the office every five in the afternoon. Since this big jackpot prize became popular, the line on all lottery outlets here on our city is really very long. There are no lottery station here on you place that is not crowded by people who are betting.

These people are my fellow workers who had came out from their work too. I am sure that like me, they are too tired too and want to go to their home to relax and to kick of their shoes. But there they are, falling in line, waiting to place their bet with their own lucky numbers, with the big hope in their hearts.

My father is also taking his own chances on this lottery game, placing his own number combinations, usually our birthdays and anniversary dates, hoping that he will get the jackpot prize worth more than half a billion pesos.

Well, who knows? We may be the next multi-millionaire or the next half a billionaire (more than) this very night, or maybe it is you.

If we win, I will buy a farm. And I will also buy thousands of pigeons, first class :)

Good luck to all of us!


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