I’ve been encountering “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet” many many times while browsing the net. I don’t know what does it really means but the exposure of this very familiar text intrigued my observant mind so I started googling about it.

And googling around, I then confirmed that this block of text is really Latin used as a dummy text or a substitute while the actual content is not yet available. If that so, then why not use the par famous “The quick brown fox jumps…” ? And so lipsum.com came to answer all the questions I want to ask. I don’t want to steal the author’s content but I’ll give some preview.


What is Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet ?

Ans: Lorem ipsum is a dummy text used as a substitute while the author is still composing the real content.

When do we start using it ?

Ans: It has been calculated that Lorem Ipsum was used as a dummy text since 1500s.

Does it have meaning ?

Ans: Yes, Lorem Ipsum is not a latin words in random. It was extracted from a classical Latin literature “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) date from 45 BC.

Why do we use it ?

Good question right ? Why don’t the authors use the typing text “the quick brown fox…”, where we can be sure that all letters on the English alphabet are present ?

Ans: Simply because the “the quick brown fox…” is a readable English words and the purpose of using a dummy text is to present the layout and to prevent the audience from being distracted, in which using a pure Latin words is achieved by this.

Where can you get some ?

Ans: To date, Lorem ipsum can be generated with random latin words on it, but don’t forget that there is an original Lorem Ipsum with a meaning. There are lots of sites that have a Lorem ipsum generator on them, but be aware that a proper Lorem Ipsum generated text is free from repetition. You can get a clean generated Lorem ipsum text at lipsum.com

Credit is given to lipsum.com as a major reference for this post.

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