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Archive for May, 2009

Bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine

05.29.2009 · Posted in Feature, SEO

Errr…, I mean “Decision Engine”. Microsoft publicly and officially announced today its new decision engine. Just when we all thought that the newest Microsoft’s search engine is “Kumo”, we’re wrong, and that’s because of two points. First, it’s not “Kumo” as every aficionados especially beta testers thought it to be, but it’s “Bing” (hey, watch that eyebrows!). ...

System Shutdown Scheduler

05.18.2009 · Posted in Feature, Freeware, How To

Do you need to schedule your computer for shutdown? Maybe your computer is still processing something and you can’t shut it down, but the problem is you’re on the office and the chime rang saying it’s time to go home. Whether you’re on the office or you’re at home, when you need to schedule a shutdown ...

Get Your Complete System Information for Windows

05.17.2009 · Posted in Feature, Freeware, How To

Do you want to know what your system’s complete information? Your softwares’ Details. Installed programs, programs that run on start-up and many more. Your Hardwares’ Details Your motherboard, cpu, memory and even your cpu and hard drive’s temperature. Your Networks’ Details Network scanner, upload and download traffic and many more. The good thing is there’s nothing to install, just run ...

What is Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet ?

05.17.2009 · Posted in What Is

I’ve been encountering “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet” many many times while browsing the net. I don’t know what does it really means but the exposure of this very familiar text intrigued my observant mind so I started googling about it. And googling around, I then confirmed that this block of text is really Latin used ...

Martial Law In Maguindanao – Magindanao

05.07.2009 · Posted in Philippines

Philippines president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had approved the proclamation number 1959 placing several areas of Mindanao under martial law. The proclamation was announce last saturday (December 06, 2009) at malacanang over the press. The mass murder of 57 people last November 23, 2009 pointed to the Ampatuan clans had triggered the proclamation. ...

Free Six Videos | Six Videos | Six Pictures and Photos

05.06.2009 · Posted in Search

Six Video and Six Picture I’m sure you have heard about ‘lucky seven’ right? But for bloggers like me, luck had come in short for one digit, and that because we now have ‘lucky six‘. Why, you ask. This is because surfers are looking for six videos, six mp3, six sounds, six pictures and six photos. As I ...

Temperature Sensor Diagram

05.01.2009 · Posted in Search

I’ve been looking for a schematic diagram for a temperature sensor. A kind of do-it-yourself thing that I can pull out myself. However, most that I have googled are tagged with price. But since I am still doing this for experimental stage, I am looking for a free do-it-yourself guide. Temperature Sensor Diagram Small circuit with DS1820 ...

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