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Real VNC | Spy Other Computer Secretly

Do you want to see other’s desktop or better yet control other computer on your network?

RealVNC allow users to remotely connect to any computer on the network. But why use this if you can use Windows’ “Remote Desktop Connection”? It may be true that you can use this built-in Windows feature. But the problem is that this service is only available if you’re using windows xp pro, meaning that if you’re running an xp-home there’s no way you can connect to any computers remotely.

With RealVNC service you can now remotely connect to any computer terminals whatever windows’ operating system you are using. There’s a paid version, but the entire feature you’ll need for your LAN-remote-connection are all on the free version of RealVNC. A very useful feature, especially for the IT guys who manage many computers located on several floors of the building.

Users only have to install a VNC Server or a VNC Viewer (client) service for each terminal.

Notable VNC features:
1.) There’s a security feature for a client computers in which you can enter specific ip address(es) of computers (server) that will connect on that client.
2.) If you’re the server computer, you can select whether you want your keyboard and mouse to respond on his computers or you just want to see his desktop’s activity.
3.) You can configure the client terminal in which the user on the client pc will not know that a server is viewing him, good for spying suspicious employees.

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